Automatic Gates – Three Main Types You Can Install On Your Commercial Premises

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Irrespective of the type of business you run, the security of your office premises is of paramount importance. Therefore, you need to invest in systems that will ensure you can keep unauthorised persons from accessing your building right from the main entrance. With the range of automatic gate systems available, you have the flexibility to choose an electronic gate that suits your premises' own unique needs. If you are a business owner that is in the market for automatic gates, below are three main types that you can install on your commercial premises.

Barrier-arm automatic gates

These types of systems are the most common variety that you will find on busy commercial premises. The barrier gate is characterised by comprising a fully automated arm-like structure that is raised and lowered to allow and deny access to the property. Barrier-arm automatic systems are highly beneficial for commercial properties that experience high traffic, as they do not take long to open and close. Moreover, they also provide you with a way to monitor the vehicles that are accessing your property as you can have an automated ticketing system installed that will keep tabs.

Sliding automatic gates

As suggested by the name, these types of gates will slide from left to right when they are opened and closed. The sliding automatic gates are outfitted with a chain connected to a bracket that allows the structure to move horizontally. With sliding gates, you could choose to have them remote controlled but could also install a manual override for security purposes. Sliding gates are considered a premium investment for commercial properties for several reasons.

Firstly, the sliding gates are highly space-saving, so you do not have to worry about providing adequate leeway for the gates to swing open. Moreover, these types of automatic gates can be installed on both uneven grounds as well as on an incline without impeding on their operability. Secondly, the sliding gates can be retrofitted with features such as motion sensors, which will stop the gates from closing when they detect an obstruction in their way. Resultantly, this will make your sliding gates incredibly safe.

Swinging automatic gates

These types of automatic gates are usually installed on properties that experience a lot of heavy traffic from large trucks. The reason for this is swinging gates tend to be double-doored and will usually need a significant amount of manoeuvrable space to open and close. If you routinely have delivery trucks arriving and leaving your commercial premises, swinging gates will be an ideal addition to your property.

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