4 Helpful Tips When Installing Glass Pool Fencing

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Some forms of glass pool fencing can be installed without the help of an professional. However, the homeowner needs to know the correct way to handle the glass panels so that his or her safety and the safety of that glass isn't compromised. This article discusses some of the safety tips that a DIY installer must keep in mind.

Know the Glass Type

Some pool fences are made from ordinary glass. Others are made of tempered/toughened glass. These two types of glass can be worked with differently. For example, ordinary glass can be drilled or cut without any risk that it will shatter. Toughened glass should never be drilled or cut because it will shatter into tiny pieces. You should, therefore, confirm the kind of glass from which your panels are made so that you know the limits of what you can do to it during the installation project.

Use a Soft Material

You should avoid placing the glass panels directly on the ground or floor. Instead, get a soft material, such as a blanket, and place the panels on it. This material will protect the glass from being scratched by any sharp object that may be on the ground. Timber blocks should be placed underneath the glass in case you want to keep it in an upright position while you adjust the installation site.

Get the Right PPE

No amount of care or experience should lull you into thinking that an accident can never happen when you are handling glass. It is therefore important to take the precaution of having the right personal protective equipment, such as a leather apron, leather gloves and safety glasses. That equipment will protect you from being injured in case a glass panel breaks during the installation project.

Get a Glass Sucker

An important tool that you should never overlook during glass pool fencing installation projects is a glass sucker. That tool will help you to lift just one piece of glass from a collection of several pieces or panels. The glass sucker also grips the glass firmly as you move that glass from one place to another. This reduces the chance that the glass panel will slip from your grasp accidentally and fall.

Always follow the specific steps that have been outlined by the manufacturer of your glass pool fencing during the installation process. Hire a fence contractor to perform the installation in case you have never undertaken such a project on your own.

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