Answering a Few Questions About a Chain Link Fence

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A chain link fence, also called chain wire or a hurricane fence, is very durable and strong and a good choice for any residential or commercial property. Chain link is also very affordable, so it's an especially good option for very large properties, where you'll need quite a bit of fencing material! If you're considering a chain link fence for your home or for a commercial property you own, note a few questions you might have about this material, and then you can discuss this choice with fencing contractors or with someone at a home supply store, as needed.

What is the difference between chain link and mesh fencing?

Actual mesh fencing usually has a much smaller mesh than a chain link fence and may be made of a plastic or nylon, rather than metal. This smaller mesh might be good for blocking wind, which you might prefer if you have a pool on your property, but it can also block sunlight and fresh air circulation. Mesh fencing in a dark colour can also look like a solid wall, whereas chain link fencing is more open.

Can chain link fencing be used around a pool?

The fencing needed for a pool may face more stringent building codes than standard fencing around a property, but chain link fencing usually meets these requirements in all areas. You can find various sizes of the mesh itself if your local building codes demand a smaller mesh opening for a pool fence. Chain link is also available in a wide range of heights, so you can easily find a roll of fencing that meets height requirements for pool fencing.

How can you improve the appearance and security of a chain link fence?

A chain link fence can be powder-coated any colour you like; if you opt for black, you can then pair your fence with black metal posts, for something more visually appealing than plain metal. Vinyl or wood privacy slats can also be fitted through the mesh to enhance the look of the fence while adding privacy. The mesh of chain link fences also gives you space for hanging flower baskets or even outdoor art to dress up your fence!

The chain link can be twisted at the top, rather than bent over, to create sharp barbs. This makes it very uncomfortable for someone to grab the top rail of the fence wehn trying to climb it or hop over it, adding to the fence's overall security.

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