Avoid These Mistakes When Choosing New Pool Fencing

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If you need to erect a new pool fence on your property, your first step is to check on local ordinances that might affect your choice of materials, height, and the like. Once you know the requirements for a pool fence on your property, you then want to ensure you take your time to shop and compare all your options, rather than just choosing the cheapest fence material you can find. Note why this might be a mistake and a few other mistakes you want to avoid when choosing new pool fencing for your home.

Pool material

Note the material and colour of the pool itself, and avoid choosing a fence that might clash or detract from that material. As an example, if you have an in-ground pool with stone patio pavers around it, a plain white vinyl fence might seem a bit cheap and industrial. On the other hand, if you have a vinyl pool or vinyl liner in the pool, a vinyl fence might coordinate well with that material. A simple vinyl or mesh fence might also work with a small above-ground pool made of vinyl or aluminium, whereas a wrought iron fence might seem overly fancy, clashing with these materials.


Many homeowners forget to coordinate their pool fence with their landscaping features, so be sure you choose pool fencing that looks cohesive with your landscaping details. As an example, if you have lots of rosebushes on your property, you might choose a white vinyl or wood fence, for a country look. If you have oak or willow trees, choose a wrought iron fence, for a classic and timeless look that blends with large, mature trees. If you prefer the look of manicured shrubbery and hedges, choose a glass fence, to continue that clean and uncluttered appearance.


Many homeowners forget to note the weather when choosing a fence for their pool. For yourself, consider the average temperature during summertime in your area, and if you should keep heat in the area of the pool, or would need more air circulation, to keep that area cool. If summers in your area aren't exceedingly hot, you might want a solid panel fence, to help trap heat around the pool, making the water more comfortable for swimming. However, if you live in the tropics, a desert area, or any area with very hot summers, you might opt for a mesh fence or wrought iron picket fence, to allow for air circulation, which lets out some of that trapped heat and keeps the pool comfortably cool and refreshing.

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