How to Choose the Right Fence Material and Style for Your Property

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Building a Fence to Protect Your Property Howdy! If you are planning to build a fence on your property, you will want to make sure you make the right choice. A good fence will last for many years and will help to protect your property from intruders and wild animals. It will also help to keep pets and kids inside the garden where they belong! I'm Tony and this is my fence blog. Last year, I spend a couple of months working alongside a fence contractor as he installed a wooden fence on my property. I learnt a lot of neat stuff which I would like to share with the rest of the world.




As a homeowner, you have many options when it comes to new fencing materials and styles, so you can easily find a fence that enhances the look of your property while adding security and privacy to the space. To ensure you find a fence that is attractive, as durable as you expect, and that provides everything else you need from your property's fence, note a few tips and details to consider.


If your property has very tall, mature trees, a small picket fence that only comes up to about your knees might seem a bit out of proportion. Mature trees also have a very stately look to them, so an industrial-looking chain link or vinyl fence might clash with those trees and may even detract from the value they add to your property. Choose a wrought iron fence or a solid wood panel fence instead to coordinate with the classic look of mature trees.

On the other hand, if you have short fruit trees or landscaping trees on your property, a tall panel fence might overwhelm them. Choose that shorter picket fence in these cases, or opt for a standard-sized mesh fence that won't block those trees or tower over them.


A solid panel fence can help to block noise from outside your property, but don't forget to consider noise you might create yourself when choosing a new fence. If you have children or noisy dogs, or entertain often, a solid panel fence that blocks sound might be appreciated by your neighbours!


If you're very eco-conscious, consider if the fence you choose will also be eco-friendly. A wood fence can be made of reclaimed wood pieces, which reduces the need to harvest virgin materials, but wood also needs consistent resealing over the years. The chemicals in those sealants can be very dangerous to the environment, as are chemicals in cleansers needed to remove mould and mildew from the fence. Vinyl is very durable and needs little to no maintenance, but it can be difficult to recycle vinyl if you should ever decide to remove your fence for any reason.

Metal and glass are very eco-friendly, as these materials need little maintenance over the years, and both are easy to recycle. Glass is especially eco-friendly, as it's made from abundant and readily available materials, including silica and sand. Both materials are also easy to clean with just a power washer and plain water, so you won't be releasing chemicals into the air or ground when you clean these types of fences.

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