Details Many Homeowners Overlook When Choosing Fences and Gates

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A home fence is very important, as it typically provides security for your property and works as a backdrop for any landscaping you have planted in the yard. This is why you want to take your time to consider all your choices for a new fence and gate for your home, rather than choosing the cheapest option available. Note some seemingly minor but important details that many homeowners overlook when choosing a new fence and corresponding gate for their home.


It's easy to think that you should get a very tall fence and gate for maximum security and privacy. It is true that a taller fence will be harder to climb and will cut off more of your neighbour's view into your property, but a fence and gate that are too tall can overwhelm your home and your space, and especially if you have a smaller ranch or one-story home. A taller fence and gate might also be more prone to sagging due to the extra weight, especially if you live in an area with lots of high winds. Choose a height that fits your home's size and the size of your property, rather than assuming that taller is always better for a fence and gate.


When you open and close a gate to a property, you don't want it to wake the neighbours! A chain link or mesh gate may make more sound than other types of gates, as the links might rattle when the gate is engaged. A solid material, such as wrought iron or wood, might be a quieter and better choice if the gate will be located close to your own home or close to a neighbour's home.

Landscaping and appearance

Consider how a fence and gate will work with your property's appearance. A chain link fence might seem very industrial and detract from your landscaping features and flowerbeds, whereas a wrought iron fence can provide a more stately appearance. A mesh gate and fence might seem a bit rustic and out of place with rosebushes or Japanese maple trees, whereas a wood fence and gate, painted white, offers a nice backdrop for those features.

If your gate will be electronic, or if you plan on adding an intercom to the gate, you'll probably need thick columns to hide its wiring, so note what type of column material would work well for your property. Stone is good for a rustic setting, whereas metal posts can look better against manicured hedges.

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