What Type of Home Fencing Is Right for Your Property?

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There is a variety of home fencing options available on the market today, so it shouldn't be difficult to find one that fits your budget and which is quick to install. However, it's not usually good to choose a home fence based on cost alone, as a very cheap fence may tend to sag or lean, or may need more long-term care and maintenance than you realize. A cheaper fence may also get damaged more easily by dogs digging around it or clawing its surface, and even from standard weather in your area. To ensure you choose the best type of fence for your property, note a few tips about various styles and materials that you'll want to keep in mind.


Glass fencing is very durable, and can be coated with special treatments that allow water to run off its surface, making it a good choice for pool fencing and for tropical areas with lots of rain. While frameless glass offers the most unobstructed view of the property and horizon, note that a glass fence may look very modern, and may not fit well with a traditional home. Also, solid panel fencing may tend to hold snow, litter, and other debris against its surface, so you may need to clean your yard more often with a glass fence than one with gaps for debris to pass through.

Wood pickets

Wood pickets are very traditional and provide a nice backdrop for plants and flowers, and tall wood fences offer lots of privacy. However, installing a fence with individual pickets can be very time-consuming, as each picket needs to be nailed to a top and bottom rail. A taller wood picket fence may also seem more overwhelming than you expected, especially around a very small property. Wood fences can also easily splinter and crack from pets climbing on them, or from absorbing humidity and moisture and then softening over the years.


Metal tubular fences are very durable and not likely to sag or lean, even if you have large dogs that jump on the fence, and even if you live in an area with strong storms and high winds. Aluminium is naturally resistant to corrosion, making it a good choice in tropical areas or for installation around a pool. There is also a wide range of metal tubular design styles available, from thick square pickets with pointed finials that look very stately and traditional, to rounded tubes that are squared off at the top, for something more subdued.

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