Answering a Few Basic Questions About a Chain Link Fence

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A chain link fence is very common for many residential areas, and for commercial and industrial facilities as well. One reason for this is that these fences are affordable and somewhat quick to install, which makes them a good choice for a large property. A chain link fence also won't block the view of the property, which means fewer hiding spaces for potential thieves. If you're thinking about getting a chain link fence for your property, note a few questions you might have about this option, and then you can determine if it's the right choice for your yard or industrial facility.

Can a homeowner or property owner install their own chain link fence? 

Chain link fencing may be one of the easiest DIY fencing jobs, but this doesn't mean it's without challenges. For example, it's usually recommended that the posts of the fence be set in concrete, so they stay secure and don't tip. Knowing how much concrete to pour, and how to keep the posts sitting still while the concrete sets, can be a challenge for anyone who hasn't worked with concrete before.

Sections of fence also need to be stretched so that they don't sag, and they need to be tied to the top rail at various intervals. If you're not sure how to do this properly, you may wind up with a fence that falls away from the top rail at various sections and that rattles more easily in the wind. To avoid these risks, it's usually good to have a professional install this fence for you.

Can you let vines grow on a chain link fence?

Adding vines to a chain link fence is a good way to hide that fence and to bring some greenery into your space. The fence itself typically won't harm hearty vines, but the vine might cause the fence to discolour and eventually rust. Consider a vinyl-coated fence rather than a plain metal if you're thinking of allowing vines to grow along its length, as this vinyl coating can then protect the fence from damage.

Are chain link fences maintenance-free?

Powder coating a metal fence will protect it from rust, and a high-quality fence that has been installed by a professional should last for years before it begins to sag. However, this doesn't mean a fence will last forever. You should still check your fence for rust every year, or as often as needed to find troublesome spots before that corrosion spreads, and may need to have the fence tightened to avoid sagging over the years.

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