Answering Your Questions About a Glass Pool Fence

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Glass fencing is a favourite choice for many homeowners, but it's especially good for enclosing a pool, as glass won't rust or rot, even when exposed to pool water and its chemicals. Whether or not your home's property has a pool, however, note a few questions you might have about glass fencing, and then you can decide if this is the right option for your fencing needs in particular.

Is glass fencing the same as plexiglass?

Plexiglass is actually a type of plastic and not actual glass. Depending on its manufacturer, plexiglass may be lighter than real glass, so it may not need the same heavy footings and posts that are needed to anchor glass fences.

However, the plastic look and feel of plexiglass may be a bit artificial for your tastes. Also, plexiglass may not withstand the weather and exposure to pool chemicals as easily as real glass, so it may become yellowed or cloudy over the years, especially when installed near a pool. Plexiglass may also scratch more easily when cleaned with any type of brush or cloth. Keep these disadvantages in mind when choosing between plexiglass, or any type of plastic material, versus real glass.

Do glass panels have gaps between them?

Glass panels can be set apart from each other, with slight gaps between panels, and this can allow for more air circulation throughout an enclosed space. However, if you're worried about children or pets getting fingers, noses or paws stuck in the fence, note that the panels can be set completely adjacent to one another, and they can also be made with frames that connect the panels, eliminating gaps altogether. Talk to a fence installer about your options and what would work best for your yard in particular.

What maintenance do they need?

The clips and frames of glass fencing may need regular checking to ensure rust and other corrosion is not developing. The glass will also need regular cleaning, although you can reduce how often this needs to be done by having the glass treated with a coating that encourages water to run off its surface. Also, because there are no sharp edges around the fence, note that people often tend to lean on glass fences, and this can mean putting pressure and stress on the panels. If you notice this occurring with your glass fence, you'll need to check the anchors of the panels for any looseness and needed tightening, or other such maintenance.

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