Need to fence your pool? Why glass is the material of choice

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Having a swimming pool in your home is a great way of adding luxury, fun, and excitement to the property. When you have a pool on your premises, you will often have to secure it with some type of fencing. Pool fencing keeps unwanted people out and prevents toddlers and children from accessing the pool without supervision.

For a long time, homeowners have had to resort to unattractive materials to fence their swimming pools. From steel to wood and aluminium, these fencing materials take away from the beauty of the pool area and reduce the visibility of the swimming pool itself. Glass pool fencing offers an aesthetically appealing, durable and safe material to use for fencing your swimming pool area.

Style and aesthetic appeal

Glass fences around the pool are a statement of class and aesthetic appeal. In particular, frameless glass fences offer an inviting and dreamy look to the pool.

Frames can also be equipped on glass fencing to add to a specific type of home décor. For example, wooden frames can offer a vintage look, while stainless steel or aluminium can reflect light and give off a modern feel to the pool area.

Easy to maintain

Glass is easier to maintain than tubular fences or wood. Glass does not rust and stains can be quickly wiped away using glass cleaner. Glass is also not damaged by moisture or rainwater. With glass fences, you don't have to worry about painting, polishing or sanding.


Modern glass fences are made of strong tempered glass. This type of glass is durable enough to withstand people falling on it or dropping heavy items without shattering. Glass fences can also be further strengthened via installing double panels or double glazing.

In the case of double glazed pool fences, an insulating material is added between the dual panels of glass. This material (often air or a gas such as argon) can insulate against noise, loss of heat, or attempted tampering from unwanted persons.

A safe option

A downside of most other types of pool fences is that they can prevent visibility from outside the pool area. This often causes parents to stay right next to the pool when their young children are playing.

With glass fencing, you can maintain full visibility of the pool from a vantage point such as a window facing the pool area or from the balcony/veranda.

Keeps the swimming area shielded from strong winds

With high glass fences around the pool area, you can enjoy insulation against gusts of cold winds during cooler months. This also keeps the pool cleaner because leaves, dust and debris will be less likely to be blown into the swimming pool.

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