3 Ways to Enhance the Security Provided by Your Fence

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There are different types of fences that you can put up around your home. Some of the factors that you should take into consideration when selecting your preferred fence include the purchase and installation costs, functionality, maintenance cost and its convenience. However, the most critical factor is that fencing provides you with sufficient security from intruders. Below are various ways that you can enhance the protection provided by your fence.

Always use deep foundations

When putting up a fence, you need to dig foundations to set the pillars. This is applicable even when constructing a concrete fence, whereby the pillars provide critical support for the entire wall. Always ensure that the foundation is deep and properly reinforced since this is what determines the stability of the fence.

Install additional security features

Are you worried that someone can climb over the fence when you are not around or at night? If you think that someone can still access your compound regardless of the presence of a fence, then you should invest in additional security features. The first option is installing automatic surveillance cameras. These should be able to detect any movement along the fence and set off an alarm. The second option would be electrifying the fence when you are not around and at night. Additionally, always ensure that your fence is tall, and someone cannot easily jump over it.

Use multiple types of fences

In some cases, certain types of fences will not provide you with sufficient protection. An example is when you have a natural fence made of tall hedges around your house. Although it can be very beautiful, an intruder can easily create a passage between the hedge and access the house. If the hedge is thick, an intruder can even hide in it for several hours without being seen. To reduce the risk of such incidences, you should adopt the use of multiple types of fences. Instead of only using the natural fence, you can add put up a chain link fence between the hedge. This will enable the hedge to grow with minimal disruptions while providing a solid barrier that prevents access to your property.

Putting up a fence should not be a DIY project. This is because you can create weak points which are used by intruders to gain access to properties. Always consult fence contractors in case you want to put up or reinforce your current fence.

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