4 Reasons Dog Owners Should Install Fencing Around Their Pool

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Most dogs love swimming in pools, and that's absolutely fine. In a properly maintained pool, the chemicals aren't going to hurt them – in fact, dogs can drink from most pools without getting sick. Unfortunately, you still need to install fencing around your pool if you have a dog – letting them in there when you're in the yard to supervise is fine, but you shouldn't let them in when you're away.

Here are just four reasons why people with dogs need fencing around their pools.

1. Keep Them Safe

The most important reason for fencing off your pool is keeping your dog from harm. You might think your dog can get in and out of the water fine, but they might struggle when you're not around. Unfortunately, dogs will often panic when they can't immediately get out of a pool. They then start to scrabble against the sides and attempt to pull themselves up until they are exhausted – at this point, the dog may drown. This can happen even if you're in the house because dogs often find it hard to bark when they're struggling in the water.

2. Protect Your Pool

Though your dog's life is paramount, you should also think about the harm they can do to your pool. There's not much they can do to cause serious damage, but a dog that jumps in the pool after having a dig or rolling around will shed plenty of dirt in the water, and that affects the pH balance. If this happens all the time when you aren't around, your pool may require pH adjustment and shocking.

3. Maintain Their Freedom

If you have a fenced in yard, you'll want to let your dog out during the day so they can enjoy the outdoors and burn off steam when you're not around. However, that's not a great idea when you have a pool since they won't be supervised. By adding fencing around your pool, your dog will get their outside space back, and you'll be able to leave without worrying.

4. Avoid a Mess

Even if you're absolutely confident your dog can get out of the pool by themselves, keep in mind the mess they can create. You probably have chairs and tables adjacent to the pool, so it makes sense to include them inside the fence – if you don't you might come home to find them knocked in the water. Dogs can also damage other items around your pool, including the rolled-up netting or cover.

For more information, contact your local pool fencing company.

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